Monday, May 30, 2011


My least favorite place in the world is a place where I'm tortured by the thoughts of bad past experiences or pending school work. Sometimes I'll be at the beach, my house, or another place I totally loved by merely thinking of certain things can make any place on Earth hell for me.

One place that I really don't like is the DMV, department of motor vehicles. The exact location of the DMV is not imprtant since I've been to multiple and they all seem around the same. At the DMV, the lines to wait for the simplest of things is always out the door and torturous. To add to that the DMV has some of the most pathetic, unhappy, depressed people that work there. I would be the same way if I worked there. In addition to the horribly long waiting lines and lame customer service, the temperatures are always higher than usual as the rooms are over crowded and seats filled up. In conclusion I hate any place where I'm stressed out, especially the DMV.

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