Monday, May 23, 2011


As of Saturday night, I had a few mediocre ideas for what to do for the alternate identity but was uncertain which would have the most reactions from the audience and most symbolic meaning. Around midnight that night, my roommate Ryan Kohn met me at a party with a couple people, but not as his normal identity. Right when Ryan walked through the door with this bizarre mask that resembled something out a Stanley Kubrick movie, my alternate identity project was flipped entirely. For my project, I have been consistently wearing this strange, shiny mask for the last 30 hours and will continue to until I go to bed tonight.

The ideas I had before finding this awesome disguise was to alter my identity to someone else's reality; but with this mask, instead of alternating identities to that of a homeless person or something strange, my hiding behind this mask and continuing my mundane activities, I'm rather stripping my identity empty than creating a new one. So far I have gotten mix reactions as many people think the mask is creepy or symbolic of some psuedo cult fad. So far I have not been able to upload my adventures as the masked man but will have the documentation of it tonight.

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