Monday, May 16, 2011


I had never heard of a flash mob before this class and found the assignment extremely interesting and unique. I had first seen the videos of other flash mobs on youtube, but to actually be involved in one myself was an experience of its own. If I were a student on Thursday, minding my business in the quad or in the U Cen, I would break out in laughter and shock to see roughly thirty you adults standing off in a finger gun fight. Pretty ridiculous. I loved how everyone in the class participated with such enthusiasm and were so stoked to do the flash mob. As I'm somewhat of a shy person, to go out and act like a ninja or someone in a old western shoot off movie, I felt that being apart of this flash mob really brought out my true character.
One thing in particular I found interesting from this flash mob experience is how everyone who wasn't fully down to do it step up ending up fully devoted and participated in the event. In the process, I think that this flash mob really brought out the true characters of students in the class as friends were made and everyone had a good time just being silly with one another.
Similar to the picture below, my experience was a true blast.

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