Wednesday, May 18, 2011


            For the last and final lecture, I can honestly say that Kip kept up the same amount of enthusiasm, humor, and interesting videos. The video that I thought was most interesting was the art piece done by Teching Shieh and Linda Montano. As I was already aware of Teching Shieh since we examined his one year pieces, I had a jist of what his art was and had an idea ahead of time what the video intaled. I was astonished to hear that Teching and Linda were attached to eachother with an eight foot rope and weren't allowed to touch eachother or leave one another in a room alone. I can not believe they did that considering how much I myself would dislike the piece. To be with someone day and night, week after week for a full year, life as you know changes entirely. As our last project focuses on personal space and our identities, it was extremely interesting to see how these to artist sacrificed their personal spaces to explore eachothers true identities.
           Besides the work of Tehcing and Linda, I was also fascinated with the light graffiti work done by Krystof Wodisczko. I thought it was truly amazing how his work could completely ruin an image of a sculpture of building by simply projecting light in certain places. Along with Krstof, I was shocked by the video about "The Cove" documentary about the dolphins in Japan, as well as the work by Yoko Ono, as I'm a huge Beatles fan.
          In conclusion this last lecture with Kip was a learning experience like one I've never experienced and hope to take the education I've gained in this class with me for the rest of my life.

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