Tuesday, May 24, 2011



My favorite alternate persona project that I saw today was the one in which the girl transformed overnight and woke up in Santa Barbara as a mad cowgirl with the toy horse. I love girls that have a good sense of humor and I could tell the artist who did this is naturally funny as can be. I loved the segment where she biked around on her nice fixed gear bike with the horse and made cowgirl calls. To me, I just think that her project was hilarious and was extremely enjoyable to watch. My favorite part of the video presentation is when she is in the grocery store trying to lasso food. If I was in that Albertson's store the time she or anyone did a stunt like that, I'd probably have the same reception as innocent standby's caught in her excerpt. To conclude, I liked the slide show montage of her and the horse at the end and her loving words towards the toy horse and its ending.


My least favorite work shown today was the video about obsessive compulsion disorder in Isla Vista, the dorms, and the grocery store. To be completely honest, I have considered myself to have OCD since grade school since I have always been bent on symmetry and am kind of a neat freak. Not so say that I didn't like the piece for its meaning and composition, but to see someone like myself react in an obsessive compulsive ways made me feel extremely anxious and I couldn't wait for the piece to end. 

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