Saturday, May 7, 2011


As of right now, I have a few general ideas of what I want to do, but no concrete ideas to fully follow through with. Since I love punk metal and the horror pop scene, I wanted to do some kind of photo shoot in which I have skeleton face paint in a dark area. I think that having a dark back ground like a closet, or a coffin, would really show my interest in that kind of art that reflects life and death.

Since I love to skateboard, I was also thinking of doing a project in which I was skateboarding at my favorite spot or at a place in which skateboard history has gone down. As a personal narrative, I could relate to that personal space that others in the class are unaware. One idea in particular I had was to go to a spot that I have gotten hurt and leaving flowers as if it was a spot of a death.

Off the top of my head, another idea I had was to take a self portrait of myself and family at my home in Los Angeles. Not necessarily that this is significant to a particular event or situation, but lately I have had a lot of help and support from my family and I want to take a shot that really captures our closeness.

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