Monday, May 30, 2011


Reflecting critically on the theme of alternate identity and personal space in an age of social networking profiles, digital environments, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,I believe that all we have in this world are our diverse identities as these identities are the basis of all functionality in our society. Everyone judges a book by itself cover and it is our identities that play the most important role in interacting with others of alternate identities. Whether its the clothes you were, your personality, your demeanor, or your education status, identities are someone as a whole. After completing this project dealing with alternate identity, it is unbelievable how much life changes with a simple twist of identity or flip entirely. All experiences in life are shown through your identity and the alteration of which changes how people think of you and who you are in comparison to others.

Reflecting critically on the theme of personal space in an age of social networking profiles, it is interesting to see how our personal space is invaded in present day technology systems. Websites like Myspace, Facebook, and Craigslist can expose individuals to a much wider spectrum that they think through the internet, in good ways and in negative ways. As for my upcoming personal space project, I want to stay away from the internet and social networkings and interact with people in real life and in real time.

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