Monday, May 16, 2011


So far, I've got a couple really strange ideas for my upcoming project on alternate identities.

My first idea I had to change my identity for 48 hours is to go completely bald. As one of my best friend's mother just got diagnosed with skin cancer, my initial idea was to incorporate this project with a way to support him. With this horrible predicament in mind, my first idea was to shave my head, eyebrows, and arm hair to be supportive of patients diagnosed with cancers and involved in Chemotherapy. This last Saturday, I broke the main rule of my house and passed out with my shoes on, only to wake up to my eyebrows shaved off. To look in the mirror and see how alternative I looked with out that small spot of hair was crazy and shocking. The reaction I get from doing this will be meaningful and I feel as a token of my appreciation for all those who struggle with this sickness.

As our society is completely bent on the internet and technological advances, another idea I had was to completely get rid of all technology for 48 hours. Although this alternative lifestyle is less noticeable, it is much harder to do than simply cutting off hair. Without the use of televisions, computers, phones, and cars, I will be a nomad, living life 'old school.'

One last idea I had that was a little silly was to remove myself from all products of clothing and material wealth that are imported to the United States. As out sourcing and foreign extraction has been a demise for many countries not as wealthy as the US, I thought it would be interesting to get rid of all those things and show our society how truly dependent we are on foreign lands and the labor that is for fitted for our endulgement.

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