Monday, May 2, 2011


One of my favorite types of art is music; whether it's a new song on the internet or a new album that debuts, music is one of the most popular types of art out there. With this in mind I consider Music shows as art shows. Yesterday I attended "Chilla Vista" festival in Isla Vista in which a random assortment of bands played, the final performance being the famous rap duo from Los Angeles, People Under the Stairs. People Under the Stairs are a mix of Jazz, Hip Hop, and a freestyle song singing that do shows all up and down the state of California. It was really awesome to see them play live for the first time, especially for free in my current hometown. Overall the experience was a blast and I was not let down the slightest bit. Sometimes people see their favorite bands for the first time and being disappointed by the live performance; yesterday was not the case. It was especially cool to see how People Under the Stairs performed. As they invited people on stage and called out L.A., they were mostly making up different lyrics as they went along. I was extremely satisfied with the performance in the end as they played my favorite song last, San Francisco Nights.

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