Monday, May 9, 2011


For my art show review I went to Gallery 479 to see the graduate students art show. I was surprised at the various mediums that each of them was using. There was so much variation in the style in each of the artists. First I saw the installations in the project space. I saw the work of Tim Brown and Nick. I really enjoyed both of the various installations that these artists put up. Tim's first piece that attracted me was a light in reflectors with a mirror on top of it. Overall, it was a pretty trippy piece. As the lights changed the pattern on the light reflectors varied. Another very interesting piece by Tim was two glass cases that he had set up into the wall. Someone had said that he etched into the glass himself which I found incredible. The detail on the glass was so smooth and complete it was astonishing that he did it by hand. His last piece was two mirrors with incense on top of it. I really didn't understand that piece too well, but it was interesting nonetheless. Nick's work was also the most outlandish work out of all of the pieces that were set up in the graduate student art gallery. All of his works involved plastic wrap that has been altered in various ways. he also acheived a number of different textures by treating them different ways. Overall, it was very interesting work to look at. Also work by flores was visually appealing. His photorealism shot that featured the mad hatter and 5 kids was extremely well done.

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