Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So far this quarter, my classes besides this have been going well and I can honestly say I've been learning a lot of useful information. Besides taking Art 7A, I'm also enrolled in History 2C and Astronomy 1. While I have my fun, art class on monday afternoon and tuesday and thursday mornings, the rest of my time is filled with learning about our outer space and its workings, as well our planets history since the thirteenth century.

In my Astronomy class today, a girl passed out while in class and was leaning against the wall in the funniest position. As I sat and looked around to see if anyone else was just as bored and sleepy, she began to moan and talk in her sleep. Immediately the class's attention was fully on the sleep talker as was the teachers. For a solid forty five seconds today, I witnessed the funniest thing that has ever happened in Astronomy history despite its reputation for being a tad boring.

Sometimes I think in Astronomy that the information I receive is reality and important, but lacks a connection to me on a personal level. Despite being able to pull out a telescope and check out the world for myself, most the knowledge I know about Astronomy has no significance towards my life. On the other hand is the knowledge I'm gaining in History. With Professor Spickard and his great teacher assistant Jason, I truly believe that the information presented in class and in the text is giving me a better grasp on society and the paradigm shifts of out time.

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