Monday, May 30, 2011


Australian Explorer
My favorite of all the projects presented on Thursday was the piece done of the Australian explorer investigating and taking notes of UCSB students and "wild life." I loved her sense of humor and the alteration of her voice to resemble the late Jeff Irwin. As well as changing her voice, I enjoyed how she changed her clothing style to an Australian native, and the way she sneaked around and got her data of how the ecosystem of our college worked. My favorite part of the piece was when she was exploring the students in their natural habitat in glass contained areas that happened to be the dining halls on the southern side of campus. I liked how she made the eating area look like a zoo, just on account of that area actually being contained if animals were trapped inside.
Anyone could tell that she put a good amount of effort in changing her identity and with her humorous documentation, she became my favorite of the day.

christian girl
My least favorite project presented was the piece that was a youtube style monologue in which a girl supposedly changed her identity to a conservative Christian. The number one thing that ruined this clever idea was her documentation of it; as her project was simply a video in which she ranted and raved about how much she dislikes the culture of Santa Barbara while stressing her ideals as a Christian devout, you couldn't really tell if she altered her identity more than five minutes. Also I didn't understand why the background music was techno. If you were going to convince anyone you were a devoted Christian in a video, the use of that genre of music to me is extremely ineffective.

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