Monday, May 2, 2011


McCloud brings up the history of how art was created because people before our generation were using pictures to tell stories of their culture. The pyramid of how faces were created shows that comics can come from the simplest ideas and then created into the most complex people created in comics. The world of symbols is another language to the comics world because it is used to describe different things without over using words. The power of closure is a lot of work because it’s a dance of visibility and invisibility of comics which makes it the heart of closure. The balancing act of comics is great because the balance is stronger than the pictures and words inside the comics.
Scott explains that a conversion must happen between ideas in a person's mind and the final result. In comics, Scott explains, "The conversion follows a path from mind to hand to paper to eye and that the rest is just a logical transaction.
In the last chapter of the book Scott opens with the question, "Why is this medium we call comics so important? Why should we try so hard to understand comics?" Scott believes that the answer "lies deep within the human condition." He explains that "we all live in a state of profound isolation."

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