Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I really enjoyed yesterdays lecture on account of the focus it had on comics and cartoons. One of the most interesting parts of the lecture was his discussion about Calvin and Hobbies, one of my personal favorite cartoons and funnies strips
One aspect of the discussion that had never occurred to me was the viewpoint of the artist on copyrighting and using these characters for marketing purposes. I strongly agree with his arguement that when a cartoon character sells out on to coffee mugs and boxer shorts, its loses its 'soul'. When I was younger I was obsessed with cartoon characters and had every tee shirt and hat to go along with each one. Now that I look back in the past, all I have is the books itself and the newspapers. With close consideration of the artist and his products  message, I love Calvin and Hobbes ten times more.

I thought it was interesting as well that the pissing character you always see on the back of trucks and other cars is actually a rip off and a copyrighting scandal against Calvin and Hobbes. My mother always use to point out how much she hated that sticker and I bet she has no clue either that the image we know and hate is actually hated by alot more people than we thought.

I also really enjoyed the embarrassing photos of Kobe Bryant in the Los Angeles Times in 2010 although I am extremelly bummed the Lakers are done for the season.

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