Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If you haven't read my last blog entry, you wouldn't already know that I missed lecture on Monday due to unseen circumstances with an injured left eye. With that in mind, I can't really explain who my favorite artist viewed was since I didn't even attend the class. However, regardless that there was some great art and artists in the movie, I have a couple favorites of my own I'd like to shed light on since I believe their work somewhat inspires my own.

One of my all time favorite artists in Neckface. Neckface is a local skateboard legend who got extremely famous doing graffiti in New York in urban spaces. I liked the way that his art was so different and edgy compared to other contemporary artists you've grown found of old time, boring settings for art. Neckface's art is on walls of buildings, taxis, bill boards, and even houses. I love how Neckface demonstrates his art in such away that presents itself as vandalism or illegal but is completely artistic. Neckface recently got picked up by the Baker Boys Distribution company who run multiple skateboard brands that now have Neckface art on them.

Another one my favorite artists that probably wasn't looked over in class is Bansky. He uses the same techniques as Neckface as he takes his art into a more grundgy, urban environment that resembles graffiti art, As I love to spray paint and tag in safe zones that permit artists to paint without consequence, the art of Bansky and Neckface are huge influences in my own art and my vision for future art.

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