Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In reflection of the final exam, I believe I did pretty well if not excellent. Although I didn't remember all the artists names and art works names, I can say frankly that I learned a lot in this course and the random art pieces we were tested on yesterday are definitely instilled in my mind. I think that the test was fair but I wish that Kip had some way of letting his students access his power point slides. I know many teachers prefer not to do this to keep students more interactive, but in this situation I believe that it would have been truly beneficial to all students if we had access to that copious amount of rich content that might never be seen elsewhere outside his class room. Because of my extensive eye injury, I know for a fact that the last picture presented was not shown in any of the classes I attended and was somewhat bummed out to see a problem on the test I was never exposed to. All and all, in the end I'm grateful for the teacher assistant and professor I got this quarter and am sure the art exposed to me in the last nine weeks will forever be embedded in my mind.

I can honestly say that of all the teacher assistants who went and showed our art after the exam, our section was by far the most funny and the most interactive with our school. As we watched other sections videos about silly inventions, random following videos, and some abstract art, I believe that not only I thought our section was the best, but the class could easily come to a consensus that our flash mobs were a total hit. The funniest thing about our class being the number one funniest and interactive, is that during the actual flash mob I couldn't help myself from feeling a little outrageous. During the filming of all flash mobs, duck duck goose, karate fight, and gun standoff, I thought to myself that this is totally not going to work like we all wished and it could be a failed attempt. To conclude, to hear the entire class go wild as our videos were presented was a pretty cool feeling and I'm glad to be apart of it.

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