Friday, May 6, 2011


One movie I've recently scene that i truly appreciate for its artistic merits, score, shooting composition, and style is one of Quentin Tarantino's classics, Jackie Brown. Jackie Brown is a full length feature film by Tarantino that follows his unique style of cinematography that makes most of his movies famous. Like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, or even Reservoir Dogs, the movie Jackie Brown follows the same structure in narrating the story with subtitles of the settings and times, with scenes chopped up out of order. I loved this movie for its score as well. Like all of his films, Tarantino always has the most classic soundtracks and complicated plots that have me on the edge of my seat every time. One thing I really appreciated from an artistic point of view is the pans and zooms he uses in this film. With unbelievably long monologues and panorama shots of the settings in which the story takes place, the cinematography of the film makes it poignant and extremely powerful. As motion picture is doused with A list celebrities like Samuel Jackson, Robert DeNiro, and Pam Grier, anyone with taste would truly enjoy and admire the work presented. Although Jackie Brown is the most recent of his films I've seen, it weighs about the same as his other works that hit home with me. To conclude, one thing I really was stoked about this movie was the setting. The setting for Samuel Jackson's beach house is my hometown, Hermosa Beach. When I was growing up, Tarantino worked at the local block buster in Hermosa down the street from my house; to see him set the movie in his and my hometown makes me feel a little bit closer to this incredible movie director.

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