Saturday, June 4, 2011


Tea Party

My favorite personal space piece of this thursday was the project done by Kate in which she had a Tea Party with her doll friends and whoever else wanted to join in on the session. I think that she has a really good sense of humor and I could tell she had a blast eating PBJ's with her make believe friends. I really thought that the placement of her project made it successful as well because of how much foot traffic goes through the area surrounding the bike paths. Although the project was a little early in the morning to pull of a real afternoon tea party, I think the message still got through to the majority. As she was down to have a personal space to let her childhood memories flourish, I truly believe all students who checked out her project related to her story.

Angel and Devil
My least favorite project of the day was the one about the Angel and Devil yelling at by passers by the book store. I get the idea they were going for with both sides of the human conscious giving conflicting ideas and wants, I didn't like the outfits they wore, I didn't like the location, and I didn't like at all what they had to say. It seemed to me that they were improvising as they went and had little preparation in making this piece as successful as it could have been.

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