Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hearing the news that you're applying to teach here at UCSB, offering three courses: Spectacle Praxes, Beyond the Studio, and Artist as Activism, of all three I would suggest taking Art as Activism. In my opinion I believe that the basis of most art is activism or making art for the purpose of spreading ideologies or ideas about our society. In being an activist, the thought process or paradigm must be shown and in most cases reveals itself through artistic ways. Artists like the creator of Obey and Neckface are both artists that are activists and I believe that an entire quarter dedicated to the study of which would be fascinating and interesting to a wide majority of students. You should definitely do the class on Art as Activism; also you should let me know if you do because I would love to take that class. I think that the number one way the movements and events are spread and globalized is through art and art cause a reaction. With every piece of art, a message can be demonstrated and is easily observable in history; from popularizing presidential candidates to promoting social awareness of any movement, art has been a useful tool in activism and there's enough out there to make a class for sure.

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